UNEG Evaluation Practice Exchange (EPE) 2015

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The GEF Independent Evaluation Office participated in the Evaluation Practice Exchange held by the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) from March 11 - 13, 2015. The event was opened by Colin Kirk, Director of UNICEF Evaluation Office, Juha I. Uitto, Director of the GEF IEO, and Martin Mogwanja, Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF Evaluation Office. In the three day event, the GEF IEO contributed to the following sessions:

Performance Measurement in UN Organizations

  • Led by Neeraj Negi (GEF IEO)
  • Supported by Michael Spilsbury (UNEP EO)
  • Chaired by Anna Viggh (GEF IEO)

Mixed Methods and Impact Evaluation in the Information Era

  • Led by Alan Fox (UNDP IEO)
  • Supported by Aaron Zazueta (GEF IEO), Jeneen R. Garcia (GEF IEO), Omar Awabdeh (FAO OED), Olivier Cossee (UNDP IEO)

Communications and Knowledge Management

  • Led by Oscar A. Garcia (IFAD IOE)
  • Supported by Kseniya Temnenko (GEF IEO), Johanna Pennarz (IFAD IOE), Robert Stryk (UNRWA Evaluation Division)

World Café: Use of Evaluations

  • Led by Robert Stryk (UNRWA Evaluation Division)
  • Supported by various agencies including a presentation on country-level evaluations by Anna Viggh (GEF IEO)

National Evaluation Capacity Development

  • Led by Indran Naidoo (UNDP IEO), Marco Segone (UN Women IEO), Margareta De Goys (UNIDO Evaluation Group), Colin Kirk (UNICEF EO), and Juha I. Uitto (GEF IEO)

The Evaluation Practice Exchange provides an opportunity for UNEG members to come together to focus on learning and sharing experiences from fellow peers. The event is held the same week as the Annual General Meeting of UNEG.



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