Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE) Benin

CPE Benin
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Benin has received GEF funds since 1991 and was selected in particular for evaluation due to its status as one of the world's least developed countries and its advanced work on the National Capacity Self-Assessment (NCSA). The Benin CPE focused on 13 national projects and 5 regional ones. All GEF focal areas are represented in the projects under evaluation. The main findings and recommendations of this evaluation were presented to the GEF Council in April 2008 as a part of the Annual Country Portfolio Evaluation Report (ACPER 2008).


  • GEF support has been relevant to the country's environmental and developmental priorities.
  • GEF support has produced sustainable global environmental impacts in Benin.
  • Village-based co-management models developed by GEF projects in Benin are sustainable and replicable.
  • Benin is ready to begin effective implementation of global conventions but capacity building and coordination work are required.
  • GEF project development cycle proved problematic for stakeholders and the benefits of the new cycle are yet to be seen.
  • Benin shows poor capacity for developing project proposals.


  • The GEF needs to plan more to ensure an integrated and coordinated national approach.
  • Greater effort is needed to build capacity in LDCs such as Benin.
  • Procedures for accessing GEF resources need to be streamlined further.
  • The GEF and executing agencies to work closely with the country to develop new national and international partnerships to implement global conventions.
  • Focal points need to be better coordinated and strengthened.
  • GEF to help develop further decentralization models.