Geeta Batra

Geeta Batra
Job Title:
Chief Evaluation Officer

Geeta Batra is currently Chief Evaluator and Deputy Director for evaluation at the Independent Evaluation Office of the GEF. She has over 25 years of experience in international development, including 15 years of experience in program evaluation. She joined the World Bank after spending two years at American Express in New York where she was a senior manager of risk. She joined the World Bank's private sector development department for seven years (1998-2005) implementing competitiveness projects in East Asia and Latin America, and then with the International Finance Corporation as head and chief evaluator for the IFC advisory services portfolio. She subsequently joined the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank as chief evaluator and manager for country and corporate thematic evaluations. In 2015 she joined the Independent Evaluation Office of the Global Environment Facility as Chief Evaluator and Deputy Director. In her current role she manages a team of evaluation professionals, and provides oversight on the design, implementation and quality of evaluations. Geeta has co-authored books and articles and managed over 100 evaluations. She has a Ph.D in Economics and an M.BA in Finance.

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